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New Zealand Golf

New Zealand is truly a golfers paradise. New Zealand offers some of the most scenic golf courses in the world matched with open spaces and minimal interruptions -you can’t beat golfing in New Zealand.

Golfing in New Zealand is highly acclaimed. Visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the great golf courses within New Zealand. Your golfing experience in New Zealand will be enhanced by the other highlights the small & friendly country has to offer. Whether you want to enjoy world class wines to experiencing one of the many adventure sports, New Zealand has it all and it is all surrounded by stunning and ever changing scenery.

Golf-NewZealand.com is a great place to start planning your trip to New Zealand. Check out “NZ’s” best golf courses and regions to start the ball rolling. Have a look at our trip tips for more information on golfing in New Zealand. Finally see if one of the tours or packaged holidays suit your New Zealand golf trip.

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What Makes New Zealand a great golf destination?

The Courses

New Zealand Golf Courses range from extreley well groomed 36 hole pga standard courses to local 9 hole gems. The range in golf courses makes New Zealand a great destination for your golfing vacation.

The Landscape

New Zealand is well known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Scenery changes quickly and dramatically with golf courses dotted throughout the landscape.

The People

Kiwi’s are known for their warm hospitality and great sense of humour. All visitors are welcomed into this amazing culture with open arms.

About New Zealand Golf

New Zealand is a country of awe inspiring landscapes, lush forests, glacial mountains, amazing wildlife and a rather pleasant climate, which makes NZ a haven for vigorous outdoor activities… and also a great place to chill out. Kiwis are frank and honest folk and that’s one of the great delights and strengths of this stunning country. The other great delight is that the Kiwis have utilised this awesome land to the fullest and developed some world-class golf courses.

There are currently 397 golf courses in NZ and according to New Zealand Golf, the country’s governing body, almost 500,000 adults play golf each year in NZ, making golf the highest participation sport in the country. It’s the No.1 one sport for men and the No.2 sport for women just behind netball. However, you will be surprised by how empty the golf course can be.

New Zealand Golf Tours

Top Golf Regions in New Zealand

New Zealand boasts many golf regions all of which offer something different. The South Island features golf courses in most towns, but most prefer to golf in Christchurch and/or Queenstown. The North Island offers golf courses just as stunning in scenery.

Best Golf Courses in New Zealand

New Zealand has just under 400 golf courses, more per capita than any other country. We have narrowed down the list to the top golf courses in New Zealand. From world acclaimed Kauri Cliffs in the Bay of Plenty to Jacks Point in Queenstown.

New Zealand Golf Packages & Tours

New Zealand is the perfect place for your golf holiday. There are some great packages and tours on offer to visit the best golf courses in NZ. All inclusive packages make your journey stress free and help make you get the most out of your trip to New Zealand.

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